The Neighbourhood Plan

The Bolton by Bowland and Gisburn Forest Neighbourhood Plan has been developed over three years since the agreement to proceed was made by the Parish Council on 13th November 2013. A series of meetings and public consultations then took place during 2014.

The Parish Council held a special meeting on 3rd February 2014 to consider the outcomes from the first phase of consultation and decided to do ahead with an application to RVBC for designated area status covering the two wards in favour and reluctantly to exclude Sawley. RVBC approved this designated area status.

These are well documented and can be found under Archive Documents in this section of the website.

A Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft was duly produced and at the Parish Council meeting on 5th January 2015 the document was approved for release for formal consultation.

Following the consultation phase within the parishes the Draft Neighbourhood Plan was modified to take into account all responses to enable a version of the plan to be produced.

This could then be submitted for the next phase of procedure.

The Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version was issued to the Parish Council on Monday September 5th 2016 and approved at the meeting on Monday October 3rd 2016 to go to the next phase of procedure.

This will be the Consultation Phase with RVBC to take place from 23rd November and 4th January 2017.

Submission Version Consultation Draft